About me

Hi..  I’m Kim Carter.

Kim Carter

Things I like doing

  • Fun stuff with my family.
  • Programming, view some of my public code here.
  • Studying programming languages and related activities.
  • Enterprise Architecture, Patterns.
  • Designing, scoping, building, exploring and administering networks, how they work, how to exploit them, how to get the best out of them.
  • Increasing quality awareness.
  • Leading, mentoring and motivating cross functional, self managing teams.
  • Bringing visibility to organisations and facilitating productivity improvements.
  • Socializing with friends when time permits.
  • Snow boarding.

Things I like doing, but don’t seem to have much time for lately

  • Surfing (started at age 10).
  • Writing music (started playing guitar at 7 years old). Completed a 4 song EP and 8 song album.
  • Skate boarding (started at age 5).


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