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Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers F1 Large update to VPS chapter

October 7, 2016

Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers (F1)(VPS, Network, Cloud, Web Applications)

Git Changeset

Large number of image updates due to finding that many were not up to scratch when Fascicle 0 went to print.
Swapped text images for real images.

Many large additions to the VPS chapter and fewer to the Network chapter, such as:
* The pitfalls of logging within networks and some ideas and implementations on how to overcome
* Disabling, removing and hardening the services of a VPS
* Granular OS partitioning and locking down the mounting of partitions
* Caching apt packages for all VPS
* Reviewing VPS password strategies and making the most suitable modifications to achieve enough security for you
* Disabling root logins on as many of the consoles as possible
* SSH, Symmetric and Asymmetric crypto-systems and their place in SSH
* The ciphers used in SSH, pros, cons, some history
* Hashing and its application in SSH
* How the SSH connection procedure works
* Hardening SSH
* Configuring which hosts may access your server
* SSH Key-pair authentication
* Techniques for tunneling SSH
* Understanding enough about NFS to produce exports that will suite your environmental security concerns
* Some quick commands to provide visibility as to who is doing what and when on your servers
* VPS logging and alerting: We look at a large number of options available and the merits of them
* Managing your logs effectively, so that they will be around when you need them and not tampered with. We work through transferring them off-site in real-time. We address reliability, resilience, integrity, connectivity of the proposed solutions. Verifying that the logs being transferred are in-fact encrypted.
* Proactive server monitoring, discuss goals, and the evaluation criteria for the offerings that were evaluated
* Implementation of proactive server monitoring, what works well, what doesn’t
* Keeping your (NodeJS) applications not just running, but healthy
* We discuss the best of bread HIDS/HIPS, then go on to implement the chosen solution
* Made a start with Docker insecurities and mitigation’s.
* Quick discussion around host firewalls
* Preparing DMZ and your VPS for the DMZ
* Additional Web Server preparation
* Deployment options
* Post DMZ deployment considerations