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January 6, 2018

Hi All.

After 104 posts over 8 years, I’ve finally managed to move my blog away from the BinaryMist platform to a new platform that will serve the community (us), better going forward.

Head on over to for the blog, and for the BinaryMist business site.

I’ll be explaining the ins and outs (in the usual technical detail you’ve come to expect) of the migration in a coming post.

I’ve set up an email subscription for all of my loyal followers. If you want to be notified of my blog posts on the new platform in the future, you will need to hit the big purple Subscribe button. Subscribers will receive an email each time I make a new post, which will include an unsubscribe link for any that get board of my content.

I look forward to producing informative, educational content and participating in discussions going forward at