New Blog

Have you enjoyed the free content that BinaryMist blog has offered to date and will continue to offer into the future?

The current BinaryMist blog suffers from a few significant problems:

  1. is inflexible
  2. non-extensible
  3. buggy
  4. takes more time than it should to knock out quality posts
  5. has a suboptimal layout, doesn’t support different view ports
  6. etc, etc.

We’re going to replace it with something that has all these qualities and will better serve the community into the future with bringing knowledge, experience, education and the projects and software that BinaryMist creates.

We’ve recently started a business under the banner of BinaryMist and we’re currently developing a web site to show case what we have to offer in the way of services and software and what we will be offering in the future. The BinaryMist blog (non profit) and the BinaryMist web site (business) are separate entities and should not be confused with each other.

I’ll be updating the community as we progress with the rebuild. Providing detailed posts on how we go about doing this, in the usual BinaryMist form. Thanks all for the encouragement and support over the last 3.5 years! We’re just getting started. Hit the “Sign me up!” button to the right to be notified of upcoming posts.

We’re also open to design ideas and what have you for the new blog site to make it the best experience possible.
Please support the new BinaryMist blog sight so we can continue to provide excellent content to the community.

Click on the Donate to lend your support to the creation of the new BinaryMist Blog site and make a donation at !

Click here to lend your support to: BinaryMist new Blog Site and make a donation at !


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